JAPANESE CULTURE & ZEN ARTS WEEK – 2 day Workshop Oct 2 – Oct 5, 1-5pm


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Intensive training with Butoh Master Katsura Kan

During the first week of October of 2023 participants will be able to view a video lecture with Q&A, a 2 day Butoh workshop, performance with Butoh master and students. Below are the dates and time for the Japanese Culture Week.

SUN, Oct 1, 2-4pm
Free Lecture plus Video and Q&A with Katsura Kan
• Japanese Culture including Butoh, Noh and Zen
• Open to the Public
• If you sign up for the 4 day workshop you will signed up for the Lecture

Mon, Oct 2 – Thru Oct 5, 1-5pm
Butoh and Noh Movement Workshop
Dancing Surrealism of Flesh ~ Looking for your own DANCE
• You can come any two days out of the four days the workshop is happening
• Open to adults over 18.
• No dance experience needed
• Butoh started as Experimental Performance in Japan in the 1950s-60s, although nowadays it is considered a contemporary dance form described as “Surrealism of Flesh” Butoh choreography often uses various poetic imagery or “Butoh Notions” to engage movements from the body and as a kind of movement framework or somatic meditation.
• Katsura Kan’s Butoh workshop uses his over 40 years of dance experience to explore the question of “What is your own dance?” Through the Group Observation and his Butoh Notation we will find our own style and way through the lens of Butoh and Noh training.

WORKSHOP CONTENT: Zen Arts, Butoh and Noh Theatre Training
We begin with Buddhist teachings and a core principle called “Right View” from”The Noble Eightfold Path”. Kan’s workshop aims at “Right View”and movements developed from Zen-influenced Japanese Noh Theatre. From here we build to incorporate Butoh Notation.

Basic class
• Natural Walk
• Quality of movement
• Wind – 1
• Butoh Notation

Fri, Oct 6, 5-7pm
Katsura Kan solo performance plus special guests
Plus a presentation by dance workshop participants

Sat, Oct 7
Sushi Workshop Party
• Learn to make a beautiful sushi roll! Eat, share and enjoy wonderful company.
• $15- $20 suggested donation
• Open to those taking the movement workshop

Kan Bio
KATSURA Kan, a native of Kyoto, is a Master Butoh artist from among the ranks of Japan’s senior generation of Butoh. He performed with the seminal Butoh troupe, “白虎社/Byakkosha” 1979-1981 and then researching in Indonesia and Thailand for 20 years. In 2001. He is a celebrated solo and collaborative performer as well as a choreographer. Kan has worked with what he calls “minority dancers” all over the world, in remote locations throughout Africa, Europe, Russia, China, South East Asia, Latina America continent and North America for the past 40 years. 2018 April started the 1st Kyoto International Butoh Festival for the sake of Pioneering new horizons for DANCE. 2019 May, 2nd Kyoto International Butoh Festival successfully. 2020 Kyoto City Arts and culture Promotion Award 2022 Dec. The 3rd Kyoto International Butoh Festival.